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April 15, 2014

RealtyBaron Revolutionizes Mobile Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents

Interactive Real Estate Answers app now enables agents to customize and promote their brand

SOUTHLAKE, TX – A real estate agent is only as successful as the quality of their client relationships. Whether selling a house or helping buyers find the perfect home, it all begins with a quality relationship built on trust. RealtyBaron™ – a leading online provider of exclusive, qualified business leads for real estate agents across the country – today announced the next generation of its breakthrough mobile app, Real Estate Answers. The Real Estate Answers app now includes an exclusive branding option for real estate agents to secure prominent placement throughout the app – empowering them to distinguish themselves as subject matter experts for higher quality lead generation.

In 2009, RealtyBaron launched a groundbreaking application programming interface (API) that enables real-time discussions between buyers, sellers, and agents. The interface takes place through Real Estate Answers, the powerful mobile application for Android phones and tablets. The mobile app is an interactive Q&A forum between real estate agents and consumers. Once the app is downloaded from the Google Play store, interested buyers or sellers can simply ask questions and receive immediate responses from real estate agents.  

“Unlike other real estate mobile apps that simply share facts and statistics on a property, we designed this app to help the consumers who are getting started and need questions answered in a low stress environment,” said RealtyBaron founder, Marc Dugger.

“The application incorporates GPS and ZIP code matching so the consumer is sure to speak with a subject-matter expert in their area of interest and develop a possible relationship with an agent at their own pace.”

Tipping the scale with more than 50,000 downloads, the application has now gone a step further to allow real estate agents to better cultivate quality relationships by taking control of their branding assets within the app. The real estate agent can gain branding rights to the app at no cost, allowing them to:

  • Create a badge within the application that showcases their name, a photo and contact information

  • Offer the application on their own personal web pages, emails or social media

  • Create a mobile presence for themselves to expand brand visibility

Greg Chamish, a proactive real estate agent in Maryland is always looking for new, innovative ways to promote his business and gain qualified leads. As a recent adopter of the Real Estate Answers mobile app, Chamish already receives a steady stream of questions from interested potential clients in his area.  

“I discovered RealtyBaron’s application and began logging in just to see what the deal was,” said Chamish. “I immediately began answering questions. It’s an instant line of communication direct to consumers who are actively interested in some facet of the real estate market. The idea that I can now brand the application with my own personal information is brilliant. It’s a way to expand my name within the market, and do it in a way that people can get to know me and learn exactly what I can do for them. ”

Chamish added, “Within other lead generation campaigns I’ve used, the most you get in return is an email address. The real estate business is all about establishing a connection. This application allows me to do that. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Powering Real Estate Answers is Answers API, a high availability RESTful web service hosted in the cloud and capable of either XML or JSON payloads. The Answers API services more than 10,000 client requests a day from a database of more than 25,000 real estate questions. Client libraries for C, .NET, Java, Objective C, PHP, and Ruby are available. The Answers API is also accessible from a Facebook app, WordPress plugin, and Chrome extension.

Real Estate Answers is optimized to run on the latest version of Android, KitKat, but backwards compatible with previous versions as far back as Gingerbread – making it available to 98.8 percent of all Android users with just a few clicks. The app is designed as a white-label solution from the ground up and permeable to deeper asset branding by brokerages with a national or regional footprint.

Join founder Marc Dugger for a live demo in an open Google Hangout on April 16 at 8pm CT at. He will explore the many functions of the application, including the new branding feature available for real estate agents. Learn more about the Real Estate Answers application at


About RealtyBaron

Founded in 2004, RealtyBaron is a real estate lead generation service that provides exclusive, qualified leads to real estate agents within the United States. With its groundbreaking interactive mobile app available on the Android platform, RealtyBaron provides a real-time interactive forum between real estate agents and real estate consumers. RealtyBaron™ is owned and operated by SoCo Technologies, Inc. and headquartered in Southlake, Texas.



For Media Inquiries Contact:

Carrie Kelly

Cell: 919-308-8771


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Chrome Extensions for Real Estate: 5 Reasons to Install ‘Answers’ Before Visiting Zillow

Zillow is arguably the most popular real estate portal.  But Zillow is not without its flaws.  Below are five reasons why you should install Real Estate Answers for Chrome before your next visit to Zillow:

1.   Vet listings to avoid scammers

Scammers are not unique to Zillow.  Because of Zillow’s popularity, however, they are likely more prevalent.  As one recent Zillow user says:

I’ve noticed a rash of fraudulent listings on Zillow this week.  I’ve contacted the owner on some, and they always seem to have a story about being out of the country and they need my deposit money to send me the keys.

Please Zillow. Can’t you vet your listing? I don’t like wasting my time having to filter out the fraud.

Real Estate Answers for Chrome allows you to get help from local real estate professionals while remaining anonymous.  To identify a scam, simply ask local real estate professionals for their opinion about a rental listing’s price and method of payment.

2.  Avoid capture of your email address

Like most real estate portals, Zillow asks for your email address when you request more information about a listing.  But who knows how Zillow uses your email address?  As one Zillow user suspects, your email address may be sold:

I am no longer looking at properties and don’t need the zillow help—in addition, I believe you have sold or given my address to god knows who—my spam has exploded since signing up with you and I can’t stop it….please close my account…

Real Estate Answers for Chrome doesn’t require your email address.  As a result, your email address is guaranteed to remain safe and out of the hands of marketers.

3.  Avoid continuous status updates by email

Again, Zillow requires your email address to send you information about listings.  But once your home search is complete, the status updates continue to arrive in your inbox.  As one Zillow user recently vented:

I’ve already unsubscribed from all emails from Zillow and I still get status update emails about houses that used to be in favorites list.  We used that list to help us buy a house, but we’ve already bought and closed on it, so I don’t need to know the status on all those houses we had saved at one time or another.  How do I make it stop?

Real Estate Answers for Chrome doesn’t require your email address.  Furthermore, browser notifications automatically stop after 3 days.  As a result, your inbox is not overrun.

4.  Avoid frustration and difficulty in deleting your user account

Like most real estate portals, Zillow requires you to create a user account before using basic features such as saving and emailing favorites.  While easy to create, a Zillow user account is difficult to delete.  As a recent Zillow discovered:

How do I delete my old account? I can’t find it anywhere.

I finished with a home purchase and I don’t plan on buying one for a very long time. I can’t believe this situation is uncommon, so failing to allow account deletion seems more insidious than a simple oversight.

Real Estate Answers for Chrome doesn’t require a user account.  To stop using it, you simply uninstall the extension from Chrome.  As a result, it’s easy to leave.

5.  Get accurate and recent information from local experts on the ground

I suspect Zillow has a server farm working around the clock to refresh data on its web site.  But, the data has to be sourced from somewhere and it takes time to travel from its original source to Zillow’s web site.  As a recent Zillow user yelps:

Your data is frequently incorrect – based on limited and outdated information!

Real Estate Answers for Chrome sends your questions to several local real estate experts within seconds of you asking.  As a result, the answer is quickly crowd-sourced from those who are most knowledgeable about what is happening in the local market at that very moment.

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Android Real Estate Apps: RealtyBaron’s Portfolio

Android real estate apps can be helpful when preparing to buy or sell real estate in today’s market. While there is no shortage of Android real estate apps available to the 700,000 Android phone devices activated each day, we think you will appreciate the laser focus of RealtyBaron’s portfolio of Android real estate apps. Rather than build one monolithic Android app, we chose to build our apps to have a single purpose. Answers. Agents. Listings. Not all the above.


Real Estate Answers

You ask real estate questions while remaining anonymous. Answers are provided by local real estate agents eager to represent you in a real estate transaction.

Use GPS (default) to browse real estate questions near you or enter a custom location to browse real estate questions in remote locations.


Real Estate Agents

Browse profiles, read client reviews, map recent sale transactions, and evaluate market forecasts of real estate agents in any US or Canadian city.

Turn GPS on while exploring neighborhoods to see which agents are most active. Make contact with any agent free of charge.

Enter a specific city name or ZIP code to see real estate agents beyond your current location.


Browse nearby real estate listings in a scrollable list or pinned on a map. See a listing's address, photos, details, description, and more without any intrusive advertising.

Ask questions about any listing and receive answers from local real estate experts.

Enter a specific city name or ZIP code to see listings beyond your current location.

Give them a spin and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!

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Chrome Extensions for Real Estate: ‘Answers’ Launches

Google Chrome recently became the number one browser in the world.  But Chrome extensions for real estate remain sparse.  Now is the perfect time for RealtyBaron to introduce its first Chrome extension, Real Estate Answers for Chrome.

Large real estate portals typically require visitors to surrender identifying data before requesting information about listings or neighborhoods. Giving up a name, phone number, and/or email address may seem harmless.  But a marketing email from the portal or phone call from a real estate agent soon follows. Multiplying this scenario by the number of real estate portals visited equals a sizable amount of unwanted contact.  Our Real Estate Answers for Chrome extension enables consumers to get the answers they seek without scattering their identity across multiple real estate portals.

Real Estate Answers for Chrome as seen on

Real Estate Answers for Chrome as seen on

The extension supports nine real estate portals in all:

  1. Craigslist
  2. Yahoo! Real Estate
  3. Zillow
  5. Trulia
  6. AOL Real Estate
  8. MSN Real Estate
  9. NYT Real Estate

Obvious questions include:

  • What’s for sale?
  • What’s my home worth?
  • How’s the market doing?
  • Is this listing still available?

To post a real estate question:

  1. Type your question
  2. Add any necessary details
  3. Select a city, a ZIP code, or an address to provide context to your question
  4. You can choose to be notified by email when your questions are answered.

The extension is powered by our Real Estate Answers API


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Real Estate Answers App is Live in Amazon’s Appstore for Android

We’re thrilled to announce our first Android app was both accepted and launched by Amazon’s Appstore yesterday.  It’s already on the move after rising 3 spots overnight in the Real Estate category.

Visit Real Estate Answers on Amazon’s Appstore and download it for free.


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Real Estate Agents for Android

The #1 selling mobile OS in the entire United States…

Over 300,000 new Android phone activations per day…

Over 18,300,000 new Android phone activations by spring…

How many will be buying and/or selling a home this year?

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Most Surprising Success of 2010? Pay-Per-Lead.

RealtyBaron made a strategic pivot in 2009 with the launch of not one, not two, but three web service APIs.   That decision paid off for us in 2010 in the form of three new strategic partnerships.   Our first partner implemented a pay-per-lead model using our Auction API to introduce consumers to agents.  Our second partner — a licensed broker — is using the same Auction API to introduce consumers to agents based on a referral fee at closing.  Our third partner is launching a real estate Q&A service using our Answers API.

Of those API uses,  the success of the pay-per-lead model was most surprising in 2010.  To be fair, it was the first and had time to undergo several iterations.  In fact, it was a downright rocky start last January when it first went live.  However, the pay-per-lead model had a strong finish.  Here’s a sampling of what agents said after paying for leads from our first partner in the final quarter:

  • “It is nice to work with referral partners that make it a win win for everyone.”
  • “It seemed like a serious lead. Yes, I liked the quick bid response and the quility [sic] of the lead seemed good.”
  • “I am still new to this but I have been able to meet two excellent sellers in my market area. One resulted in a short sale listing and one meeting is today.”
  • “The qualty of the leads are good. Better than any I used in the past. All the info wth the leads was correct.”

I expect an even better 2011 as we continue refine the process.

Happy new year!

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ExpertHomeOffers Partners with RealtyBaron to Distribute Referrals

We first opened our auction platform to other websites last year.   Inman News picked up the story in July calling it a “widget”.  However, it’s more than just a “widget”.  It’s a full on, double rainbow web service that can be seamlessly weaved into a website to add any type of real estate agent finder/matching feature you can possibly dream up.   Since the launch of the Auction API, we’ve added two partners and have begun discussions with another website whose monthly traffic is consistently above 500K unique visitors about integration early next year.

Our second Auction API partner, ExpertHomeOffers, went live with its integration yesterday. ExpertHomeOffers is using our Auction API to automate the matching of their buyers and sellers with RealtyBaron agents based on a referral fee paid at closing. But RealtyBaron’s platform doesn’t stop at just matching consumer and agent. RealtyBaron also tracks the progress of the referral on behalf of ExpertHomeOffers to ensure referrals are paid when a sale transaction is closed from the referral. is a company that connects motivated home buyers and sellers with local real estate professionals nation wide. The company was formed in 2007 in an effort to bring quality and honesty to the real estate lead generation industry. Since its inception the company continues to consistently increase its placement on the major search engines and lead volume.

Welcome aboard, ExpertHomeOffers!

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RealAnswers for Android 1.0 Released

QR Code

We’re pleased to announce the debut of RealtyBaron’s first Android application: RealAnswers for Android.  The app is available free from the Android Market in the Lifestyle section.  To get the app on your Android device, do one of two things:

  1. Search for “real estate answers” in the Lifestyle section of the Android Market.
  2. Scan the QR Code (above) using your Android device.  Step-by-step instructions for scanning QR Codes can be found here.

Once installed on an Android device in the US, consumers can begin unlocking knowledge of their local real estate market.  For example, home buyers can ask questions about a city, ZIP code, or property while driving new neighborhoods in search of a new home.  Sellers can ask about current market conditions in their neighborhood or how much their home is worth.

Once a consumer’s question is approved, RealtyBaron relays the question to local Realtors for a response.   Consumers remain anonymous when asking questions but can make contact with a Realtor through his or her answer.   Expert knowledge at the consumer’s fingertips and new business opportunities for Realtors….a win-win!


Browse questions

View answers

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3, 2, 1…Lift Off!

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