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April 15, 2014

RealtyBaron Revolutionizes Mobile Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents

Interactive Real Estate Answers app now enables agents to customize and promote their brand

SOUTHLAKE, TX – A real estate agent is only as successful as the quality of their client relationships. Whether selling a house or helping buyers find the perfect home, it all begins with a quality relationship built on trust. RealtyBaron™ – a leading online provider of exclusive, qualified business leads for real estate agents across the country – today announced the next generation of its breakthrough mobile app, Real Estate Answers. The Real Estate Answers app now includes an exclusive branding option for real estate agents to secure prominent placement throughout the app – empowering them to distinguish themselves as subject matter experts for higher quality lead generation.

In 2009, RealtyBaron launched a groundbreaking application programming interface (API) that enables real-time discussions between buyers, sellers, and agents. The interface takes place through Real Estate Answers, the powerful mobile application for Android phones and tablets. The mobile app is an interactive Q&A forum between real estate agents and consumers. Once the app is downloaded from the Google Play store, interested buyers or sellers can simply ask questions and receive immediate responses from real estate agents.  

“Unlike other real estate mobile apps that simply share facts and statistics on a property, we designed this app to help the consumers who are getting started and need questions answered in a low stress environment,” said RealtyBaron founder, Marc Dugger.

“The application incorporates GPS and ZIP code matching so the consumer is sure to speak with a subject-matter expert in their area of interest and develop a possible relationship with an agent at their own pace.”

Tipping the scale with more than 50,000 downloads, the application has now gone a step further to allow real estate agents to better cultivate quality relationships by taking control of their branding assets within the app. The real estate agent can gain branding rights to the app at no cost, allowing them to:

  • Create a badge within the application that showcases their name, a photo and contact information

  • Offer the application on their own personal web pages, emails or social media

  • Create a mobile presence for themselves to expand brand visibility

Greg Chamish, a proactive real estate agent in Maryland is always looking for new, innovative ways to promote his business and gain qualified leads. As a recent adopter of the Real Estate Answers mobile app, Chamish already receives a steady stream of questions from interested potential clients in his area.  

“I discovered RealtyBaron’s application and began logging in just to see what the deal was,” said Chamish. “I immediately began answering questions. It’s an instant line of communication direct to consumers who are actively interested in some facet of the real estate market. The idea that I can now brand the application with my own personal information is brilliant. It’s a way to expand my name within the market, and do it in a way that people can get to know me and learn exactly what I can do for them. ”

Chamish added, “Within other lead generation campaigns I’ve used, the most you get in return is an email address. The real estate business is all about establishing a connection. This application allows me to do that. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Powering Real Estate Answers is Answers API, a high availability RESTful web service hosted in the cloud and capable of either XML or JSON payloads. The Answers API services more than 10,000 client requests a day from a database of more than 25,000 real estate questions. Client libraries for C, .NET, Java, Objective C, PHP, and Ruby are available. The Answers API is also accessible from a Facebook app, WordPress plugin, and Chrome extension.

Real Estate Answers is optimized to run on the latest version of Android, KitKat, but backwards compatible with previous versions as far back as Gingerbread – making it available to 98.8 percent of all Android users with just a few clicks. The app is designed as a white-label solution from the ground up and permeable to deeper asset branding by brokerages with a national or regional footprint.

Join founder Marc Dugger for a live demo in an open Google Hangout on April 16 at 8pm CT at. He will explore the many functions of the application, including the new branding feature available for real estate agents. Learn more about the Real Estate Answers application at


About RealtyBaron

Founded in 2004, RealtyBaron is a real estate lead generation service that provides exclusive, qualified leads to real estate agents within the United States. With its groundbreaking interactive mobile app available on the Android platform, RealtyBaron provides a real-time interactive forum between real estate agents and real estate consumers. RealtyBaron™ is owned and operated by SoCo Technologies, Inc. and headquartered in Southlake, Texas.



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